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Epacris longiflora

Grow to Order

As we grow such a wide range of plants it's impossible to keep all in stock at all times.  Our main propagation season is October - March.  Outside this period it can be extremely difficult to get propagation to happen.  To avoid disappointment, we recommend ordering tube stock at least 6 months in advance.  Please contact us regarding your order.

Please go to our Plant Info page for our Forward Order Catalogue.

Garden Design

We offer a range of garden design services, from a list of suitable plants to a full landscape plan.  Please contact us for further details.

General Advice

We have a number of plant lists available on our Plant Info page to assist you with choosing the right plants for your property.

For any advice on what plants are best suited for your situation, please visit the nursery for a chat or contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.  If you are trying to identify a specimen, flowers make the process much easier.  For Eucalypts and large trees, photos of the tree and a specimen of the leaves & fruit are essential.